Financial assistance scheme introduced to promote community farming in Goa


Panaji: State agriculture department has introduced scheme called “Assistance for Community Farming, 2018” to ensure Goa remains green and the fallow land is brought under cultivation.

The scheme gives recognition to two types of group farming- Joint community farming and loosely amalgamated community farming.  

The Community Farming Group (CFG) should have a Krishi Card in its name. The group should have a minimum of 10 members with total combined land holding exceeding one hectare (10000 sq. mtrs.) in a compact block. The CFG has to be registered with the Directorate of Agriculture.

Assistance of 100 percent in case CFG wherein 50 percent or more of the area brought under cultivation has been fallow for more than five years or 90percent in other cases.

 The infrastructure assistance per hector (Ha) of Rs three lakhs for area of 1 ha-2 ha, Rs 2.50 per ha lakhs in case of area between 2.01ha to 5 ha, Rs 2.25 lakhs for area between 5.01ha to 10 ha, Rs 2 lakhs for 10.01 ha to 20 ha and Rs 1.50 lakh above 20 ha, will be made available to the groups. 


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