Experts’ Committee on Covid-19 recommends lifting of restrictions on indoor activities


Panaji:  In a suggestion that would provide relief to the economic activities like Casinos and Theatres, Goa government’s Experts’ Committee on Monday recommended that the restriction on indoor activities should be lifted.

The indoor activities are currently allowed with fifty per cent capacity in order to ensure social distancing. The committee headed by the experts on Monday recommended that the hundred percent capacity for indoor activity could be allowed to be utilized, with a condition that participants should carry double vaccination certificate.

Dr Shekhar Salkar, a member of the experts’ committee, said that the recommendation will be forwarded to the State government, who will have to take final call on it.

Salkar said that the Experts’ Committee took the decision of making such a recommendation considering the reduced number of COVID-19 cases in the state. He said that there are no hospital admissions and State government has already closed down the covid treatment facility at Super Speciality Block of Goa medical College and Hospital as there are only five patients.

All the five patients are shifted to main Goa Medical College building, he said.

Salkar said that the committee also recommended that the schools can function with hundred per cent capacity, doing away the required social distance between the students.

He said that the commercial activities like Saloons and Spas and also Swimming pools and Gymnasiums can open with full capacity.

Salkar said that the Experts’ committee took review of the third wave of the COVID-19 which shows that 80 per cent of the people were infected with Omicron while rest were of Delta variant.


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