Elderly German national died at Mandrem beach due to drowning


Mandrem: A 74-year-old German national who was holidaying in Goa died due to drowning at Mandrem beach in North Goa on Thursday, a lifeguard agency said.

In a statement released here, the lifeguard agency said that the deceased was a holiday in Goa with his female companion when he was washed ashore at Mandrem beach in North Goa.

“At around 6 p.m. post-sunset at Mandrem beach when the lifeguard instructor with other other lifeguards were requesting tourists to retreat from the water when they were informed that a male foreigner was lying unconscious on the beach,” the lifeguard spokesman said.

“The lifeguards rushed to the spot and noticed an elderly male, possible over 70 years, lying  on the beach while the lady accompanying him was trying to revive him,” he said.

“The elderly man who was unconscious had bandages on his abdomen, possibly from a recent medical treatment,” the spokesman said.

The victim was later taken to the ambulance, he said adding that he was declred dead at Mandrem Primary Health Centre.


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