Drop cases against the mining dependents: Shiv Sena



Panaji : The Goa Unit of Shiv sena held a press conference today proclaiming that they have supported mining dependens’ protests and demanded that cases which have been filed by the government on the mining dependent protestors should be withdrawn.


Jitesh Kamat, the Chief of Goa Unit of Shiv Sena , said the government has suddenly become serious about the mining issue because elections are approaching and not because they care about mining dependents.


“Behaviour of the government is suspicious, they have only made announcement of forming a Mining Corporation but  there is no concrete plan, I request all mining dependants to take the follow up of this announcement actively” asserted Kamat.


He also inferred that the trade union leaders should keep an eye on the government policies with respect to Mining Corporation as we don’t want another Shah commission inquiry incident to repeat. ” Trade union leaders need to keep in mind the environmental impact on mining and adopt sustainable and regularised mining” added Kamat.


“The government is unclear on how they wish to form this corporation”, said Kamat, according to him “first preference in employment under this corporation should be given to those who have suffered the most because of mining shut-down. Corporation should be for the welfare of the jobless.”


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