Dr Pramod Sawant, Dr Shekhar Salkar attend National Cancer Awareness Day program


Panaji, November 8, 2020: Agnel Entrepreneurship Development Institute (AEDI), in association with Sai Life Care recently organised awareness program on the occasion of National Cancer Awareness Day. The event saw the attendance of dignitaries including Goa Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant, noted oncologist Dr Shekhar Salkar, AEDI member Ms Neha Talaulikar, Sarpanch Mrs Gawas and other Panch of Navelim VP.

Dr Sawant inaugurated the program by lighting traditional lamp. He stressed on the importance of early detection in breast cancer that enables saving life, saving the breast and saving money. Dr. Salkar was the guest speaker for the program and he explained about the different treatments available at different stages and also told about the precautions to be taken by the women.

Sharing quite glaring statistics, he said total all cancers in goa is approximately 1300 to 1500, out of which breast cancer cases are 250 to 300. The age group affected are 30 to 50 years. He also stated that early detection is the key as the chances of survival in Stage I survival 95%, Stage 2 survival 80%, Stage 3 survival 50 to 60% and Stage 4 survival 10 %

He also advised them to follow certain advises as predominantly breast cancer happens because of lifestyle mismanagement. He urged women to first child before the age of 30 years and have at least two children. He also asked women to breastfeed at least for 6 months but best is 2 years.

While sharing the treatment plan, he said If you need hormones replacement therapy take short courses. Breast self examination is the first step in detecting breast cancer. Once a month one should do breast examination. which can detect early breast cancer, to do
Baseline mammography at the age of 40 and than onwards let ur family doctors advise may be once a year or alternate year

Dr. Salkar Also addressed the queries of the participants.


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