Stop shocking Goans with electricity bills:AAP tells Sawant


Aam Aadmi Party while condemning the proposed hike in power tariff and urging government to desist from such moves suggested that the Goa administration follow the Delhi model to provide relief to the people as both are similar but dealt with differently.

Surel Tilve of AAP pointed out that in Delhi people get free electricity supply if they consume up to 200 units of electricity per month. “This has resulted in tremendous power saving as people reduce the use of electricity so that consumption remain within 200 units and they get free power,” he pointed out.
The resultant saved power is diverted for industrial use which boosts the economy said Surel who pointed out that despite giving free electricity and water to people the budget is surplus while in Goa not only are people not given any service free and yet the Goa budget is inevitably a deficit budget.
While consumption of up to 200 units of power is free in Delhi those consuming between 200 units to 400 units get 50 per cent subsidy on the bill and hence pay only half the actual amount, he said adding that this has resulted in major reduction in consumption as people have stopped wasting power in order to avail the cash benefits they get in terms of lower or no bill.
In contrast Goa has recently increased its Fuel and Power Purchase Cost per unit which will increase the bill amount.
“If Goa follows the Delhi example then it would benefit not only the people but also for the State and reduction of consumption amongst the people will enable the Goa government to utilize the saved power for industrial purpose,” he said.
Surel however asserted that the will to succeed and do something different has to be strong in the Government and pointed out that Delhi very sternly and strongly plugged all the leakages including a total clamp down on corruption which helped the electricity department there start making profits.
“Just like Goa does not produce any electricity of its own and gets it from other States, Delhi also does not produce its own power and hence the Delhi model could be replicated in Goa with excellent results,” he said

“If need be, we will arrange for a trip of the CM and Power Minister to Delhi for them to study the model and we will help and guide them to do it in Goa. But unfortunately neither they have the intentions nor will to give good governance to Goa and but rather busy working day and night for the corporates like Adani and Jindal” He said wondering whether the BJP government will rise to the challenge to provide some service and relief of the much suffering Goan population.


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