Dr Pramod Sawant and his ministers are doing a great job and there is massive development across the state. For me , Development comes first , reshuffle can come later- Mormugao BJP MLA Sankalp Amonkar


Mormugao BJP MLA Sankalp Amonkar on Tuesday said that development came first and that re shuffle of cabinet can come later.
Amonkar was speaking to reporters in the presence of Murgao BJP Mandal President Sanjay Satardekar and other mandal members during a press conference to showcase the developments taken by the BJP under the PM Narendra Modi Governance in the last 9 years.
” The question of reshuffle of ministers does not arise when our CM Dr Pramod Sawant and his ministers are doing a great job and bringing in massive development across the state for the people. Sawant has taken record breaking development as the CM and during this last one year of his tenure, we have seen so many completed projects the new Zuari Bridge, Mopa Airport, Ayush Hospital etc which shows that we are adding great infrastructure in Goa at a very fast pace for the benefit of the people. The works are happening and the Government led by CM Dr Pramod Sawant and his colleagues in the cabinet are doing an excellent job ” said Amonkar
Amonkar said that as a MLA , he had direct acess to the CM Dr Pramod Sawant, Party president Sadanand Shet Tanavade or the Ministers for any development works or projects in his constituency
“We get a lot of respect in every office and our works are happening immediately, especially the development projects . Our main aim as a party or the MLA or as a minister is that we need to get the works done for the benefit of the people and it is evident because we have got a lot of development projects in the Mormugao constituency in the last 6 months . All the MLAs are continuously working and we are getting full support from the Government led by CM Dr Pramod Sawant and also from the ministers. ” Said Amonkar
Amonkar added that the cabinet re shuffle would be a mere rumour and that there was no truth to it
” I don’t think that there will be any cabinet reshuffle and i feel that there is no need for a reshuffle as of now ,because development is taking place at a massive scale and people are happy. Reshuffle is not important as of now but it is important that we have been elected by the people and we have to stress on how to get peoples works done and bring in a lot of development in the constituency. We don’t need a reshuffle for bringing in Development works when we can get a lot of development done with the present arrangements and at a time, when things are running smoothly ” said Amonkar


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