Does 12 Covid Deaths/Day Equal Zero Mortality Dr CM???


As Covid deaths and infection rates keep going higher in accordance with the projected spike, I request all Goenkars to maintain Social Distancing because until a vaccine is developed, this is the most effective Social Vaccine against Covid spread.
We are witnessing a spurt in contact transmission throughout the country with difficulty to even trace out the source of contact. At this critical juncture, it becomes all the more important as responsible citizens to maintain strict Covid protocols & social distancing to protect ourselves and our fellow citizens.
The country as a whole is surpassing all records of transmission and even the least bit of carelessness proves detrimental. Each citizen should take upon themselves the onus of ensuring that they wear masks, observe regular sanitisation and strictly maintain social distancing.
Government should implement stricter norms and double the fine on mask offenders. Shops and Establishments should be penalised for not maintaining Social distancing and second time offenders should be shut down. Local Community groups should be involved to ensure monitoring at grassroot levels.
Presently we’re looking at a Second Wave in Europe and Gulf and we need to be prepared for a long haul.
Government should strengthen the entire health services and plan for long term standoff with the pandemic by putting in place permanent infrastructure facilities and amenities as we will be living with the fear of Covid for sometime now.
It’s time we invoke our Goemkarponn and unitedly commit ourselves to voluntary stringent observation of Covid norms, the most important being social distancing.


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