Digital Marketing: How It Can Help You Reach Your Goal in 2021? By Vivek Patil


What if I tell you, you’re a Digital Marketer?


Of course, You’re.


Wait! I didn’t tell you whether you’re good.


Breath-out. Belly inside. Click!


#Beautiful #Sunset #Beach #Goa


That’s you, making regular contributions on social media platforms. You’re portraying yourself as a traveler or a foodie.


However, you’re also one amongst millions of others making similar contributions.


So what makes your image distinct?


Topic. Consistency.


Have you tried searching your name on Google?


If your social media feeds don’t appear there, then you’re a BAD digital contributor.


But don’t worry! Let’s make it GOOD (if not excellent).


This article will help you achieve your 2021 goals through digital marketing.


Digital Marketing for a Student


🛑 STOP Scrolling!


Social media feeds are infinite. Instead of being a consumer why not be a creator?


Next time you burn your eyes scrolling n scrolling… Rather, think of using social media platforms for sharing facts, true stories, your values, goals, and other informative content.


Let’s say,


😋 You’re a Foodie.

Great! Don’t just share the yummy pictures. Share stories behind it. Make it informative by giving those tiny subtitles.


  You ❤️ Sport.

Excellent! Share some interesting facts about it. Ask questions, make it engaging. And you know what? People will pour into your comments section.


🧗 You ❤️ Adventure.

Thrilling! Share short clips. Post those perfectly clicked rollercoaster rides. Engage with the other adventurers.


💄 You’re 👗 Fashionista.

Beauty! Make up your social media look.


💥 BOOM 💥 Now, you’re a social media influencer. You have your FOLLOWER base.


💭 What will I get by making social media connections?

  • You can get a lucrative job offer on LinkedIn knowing your subject expertise before even graduating.
  • Brands might approach you for branding their products on your Instagram handle.
  • You could be a social media manager for a startup.


Digital Marketing for a Homemaker


Any woman who runs the home can also run digital marketing campaigns for brands or themselves.


It doesn’t require a degree to start.


Homemakers who are less educated are equally tech-savvy like the younger generation these days.


I see my mom watching YouTube and Facebook feeds. Social media feeds her brain with many business ideas and she being on YouTube feeds our tummies with delicious recipes.


Homemakers are super talented with a lack of presentation skills digitally. That’s the reason homemakers need to polish their digital appearance. Otherwise, they’re legends in presenting food recipes, garden, house interiors, and the list goes on…


As a homemaker, once you take a break after pregnancy or house responsibility, you find it difficult to gain an identity in the professional world.


One best way to break this phase is by identifying that one thing which you do flawlessly and your loved ones acknowledge it.


Once you know what you’re good at, you can post informative content in video and image format. If you like writing, then start maintaining a diary to note your ideas which you might reuse in your content.


Few easy steps homemakers can start digital marketing:

  1. Identify your niche.
  2. Take an online course.
  3. Set up a content writing schedule (say 1 hour daily).
  4. Post your learning on social media & connect with other freelancers.
  5. Learn edit & designing tools.


Following are some popular niches for women:

  1. Health & Wellness
  2. Fitness & Weight loss
  3. Beauty Treatments
  4. Self-improvement
  5. Food Industry


Let’s say you’re a fitness enthusiast. So most of your content should revolve around how people can maintain healthy living, your personal experience in weight loss or weight gain, and so on…


Digital Marketing for an Employee




So if you’re putting your head down working 9-5 without networking with professionals in your field, then you gonna be at the same place for years.


You would think I neither sell anything nor do I aim to do business in the future.


Why a well-paid, stable job employee like me require digital marketing (let’s say personal branding, to be precise)?


Yes, definitely.


It’s because in bad times (lay off), getting employment becomes easy with your influence.


Again, this doesn’t mean that you’ve to market products or services of other companies for some extra bucks. Well, it’s not a bad idea at all (affiliate marketing). But what I mean is – engage on professional platforms such as LinkedIn,, or Reddit.


It will help you:

  1. Build connections within/outside your industry.
  2. Learn and grow professionally as you interact.


People outside your company must know you. After all, it’s you who will create your image online. Your boss won’t do your promotion or vice versa.


Therefore, self-branding is a vaccine for you to create antibodies for survival in a highly volatile job market.

Over to You


No more thinking!


The year 2021 will end with social distancing and few more lockdowns. That means all of us are spending a lot more time online.


There are so many free resources available online to learn digital marketing.


You only need a laptop, internet connection, and willpower to achieve your goals in 2021.


Let’s be a part of this digital movement and contribute to the growth of businesses around us.


We would love to know your views about Digital Marketing in the comments below!


Stay Home. Stay DIGITAL.



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