Congress should apologise to the nation for spreading lies on EVMs: PM


Vasco: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday demanded that Congress should apologise to the country for spreading lies about the EVMs, after SC’s verdict that they have strengthened the democracy in the country.

Addressing a public meeting in South Goa, the Prime Minister also said that the turning points in his political life has come from Goa.

“All my turning points have happened in Goa. Party’s decision to make me the PM was also taken in Goa, My destiny was written in Goa,” he said addressing 50,000 strong crowd in Goa.

Talking about EVMs, Modi said that the Congress is spreading lies about the EVMs. “Whenever they lose election, they blame it on EVMs. They have tried to create mistrust against the EVMs,” he said.

“The SC has clearly stated that EVMs are correct (Sahi hai) and elections conducted through EVMs are correct and it has strengthened the democracy,” he said.

The Prime Minister asked the gathering whether Congress should apologise or not (for their tirade against the EVMs). “They wont apologise. They are in the seventh heaven with arrogance. They can go to any extend to defame Modi,” he said.

The PM said that the two phases of the elections are over and considering the feedback from the ground and considering the enthusiasm of the voters, there are clear indications that it will be “Phir Ek Bar Modi Sarkar.”

Modi said that the elections of 2024 is between two streams (dharayen), one is the NDA which is working towards the aspirations of the country’s citizens which believes in the saturation approach.

“Against us, there is another stream which is one of INDI Alliance which works for their selfish benefits and their families,” he said.

Recalling his last speech in Goa, the Prime minister said that he had spoken about BJP’s saturation approach. “The saturation approach means Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas, saturation approach means without any differentiation the benefit of the government schemes should be provided to all. Goa is the right model of the saturation approach,” he commented.

The Prime Minister said that in the last ten years, so much (positive) has happened in the country but “Modi will not sit at ease.”

“Modi is not born to enjoy. Modi works day and night. Modi lives your dreams. Your dreams are Modi’s sankalp. Mara pal pal apke naam, dash ke naam. 24 by 7 for 2047,” he said.

The PM said that after doing so much in last ten years, Modi is still running because what we have done in last ten years is just a trailer.

“We have to do so many things. Goa and the country has to be taken forward. You note down Modi Ki Guarantee, in the next year, 3 crore new pakke houses would be constructed for poor,” he said.

He appealed the workers to find out about people who does not have their “pakka makan” and send their details and assure them that after June 4, they will have a Pakka makan.

Modi also assured that the middle class families who live in rented places in the cities will also be given assistance to build their own house.

He said that the government will provide free medical facility to the senior citizens above 70 years of age.

The Prime Minister said that the Congress party never thought about the fishermen. “It is Modi who created separate ministry for fisheries and dedicated separate budget so that there is difference in the lives of fishermen. We gave Kisan credit card to fishermen. We have now announced that we will increase insurance coverage to the fishermen. BJP government will towards increasing income of fishermen through organic sea weed,” he added.

The PM recalled that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the central government had given first priority of hundred per cent vaccination to Goa.

“Any political person would have though that they should give this benefit to the place where there are 40-50 seats why to bother about Goa, which has only two seats. But I knew that if vaccination is completed in Goa, then tourists will start arriving here. I can say with certainty that no government sitting in Delhi would have thought so much about Goa,” he added.

Modi also said that the introduction of new mission “Wed In India” would benefit Goa more because of the beauty of this place.

The PM said that the Congress and its alliance is creating negativity across the country. “Congress is insulting our Indian constitution. Goa’s congress candidate has done revelation. That has exposed the reality of congress and hidden agenda that they are not bothered about Indian constitution. This is a ploy against the country. Congress MLA in Karnataka has also Made similar comments,” he said.

Modi said that due to such kind of thinking (mentality), the Article 370 continued in Jammu and Kashmir.

“INDI alliance is speaking about bringing back article 370. Will we allow the article 370 to be brought back? Congress is involved in dangerous games to please vote bank. Congress wants to give one part from SC ST OBC to their vote bank. They have start the work in Karnataka,” he said.

The Prime minister said that the Congress wants to impose 55 per cent tax on your wealth.

Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant, BJP Goa President Sadanand Shet Tanavade, both the candidates of the party — Shripad Naik (North Goa) and Pallavi Dempo (South Goa) were present for the public meeting.


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