Congress questions Digambar Kamat’s silence on extortion at Margao railway station


Margao: Following the brutal assault on a Margao resident at the Margao railway station, Congress today questioned the silence of Margao MLA Digamber Kamat over the extortion going on at the railway station in the guise of parking fees collection.

Congress leader from Margao Mr. Savio Coutinho who has been spearheading the struggle against the unjustified parking fees collection rushed to the Konkan Railway station on being informed about the assault of one Shaffi Mulla, a resident of Azad Nagar, by the staff of the parking fees collection Contractor. Mr. Coutinho voiced out his concerns over the strong arm techniques adopted by the parking Contractor to extort money from the motorists visiting the railway station.

It was a peculiar situation at the railway station that was witnessed after the assault. There are 2 police outposts, the Railway Police Force(RPF), and the Konkan Railway Police Station, and each of these stations claimed that the incident doesn’t come under the purview of their respective stations, bringing out the moot question about the very purpose of these outposts, he said. The RPF eventually called upon the Margao town police to take over the matter.

It was shocking to see how the RPF was concerned about the property of the parking Contractor which was damaged by the irate crowd that gathered after the assault; however there was no concern shown towards the injured boy, Mr. Coutinho lamented.

The Congress party shall strongly demand action into the official loot of innocent citizens, and we have sufficient evidence to prove how the contract has been manipulated to benefit the Contractor, Mr. Coutinho said.

While Margao MLA Digamber Kamat often claims to be having very good relations with the KRC authorities, however we find something very fishy over his silence on this issue. Instead of taking action against the loot, directions are given to BJP cadres to file police complaints against those raising their voices against the wrong, Mr. Coutinho stated while referring to the police complaint filed against him by the BJP Yuva Morcha.

Mr. Coutinho further pointed out that as per the conditions of the contract, subletting of parking fees collection is prohibited. The condition states that if the Contractor sublets the same, then the Contract will be terminated. However, after the Congress party exposed with proof that a different agency was collecting the parking fees, no action has been taken he said. We demand an explanation from the Dy. Director of KRC Mr. Baban Ghatge over the action taken by the KRC after the receipt books and scan code was seized and taken into possession by them on 21st November during the protest.

Congress leader Mr. Savio Coutinho warned that they would not hesitate to take legal remedy in this matter if the concerned authorities fail to take serious action in this matter.


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