Congress politicising Bainguinim waste plant issue: Siddhesh Naik

Panaji: As a the political vendetta continues on the controversial Bainguinim solid waste management, BJP youth leader Siddhesh Naik slammed the Congress on Wednesday stating that the party is politicising the issue. “This is not a congress versus BJP issue,” Naik said.
Earlier, Congress had alleged that BJP is doing politics with this issue because they want to benefit from it in upcoming ZP elections.
“We have asked the chief minister to do a site visit and he has agreed to do so,” said Naik. BJP had always been opposing the plant at Bainguinim since 2007. When asked about if BJP is trying to politicise the issue, Siddhesh said BJP never directly took part in the movement against the Bainguinim Waste Management plant, as this was people’s issue, however they did provide their support.


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