Congress lambasts Govt for over pricing purchases for COVID-19 treatment


Panaji: Congres party said that a  report on a prominent Daily of the exorbitant prices paid for various equipment for the purpose of fighting Covid-19 is shocking and deserves all condemnation as it is nothing short of a loot at a time using the sufferings of the people. It is shameful and exposes all those involved in the purchases that they can stoop to any level to fill their pockets.

GPCC Media Convener Trajano D’Mello said that “All this is being done since no formal/normal scrutiny of financial approvals are required as funds are being utilized from NHM/National Ayush Mission Funds provided by central government for which Mission Director, National Health Mission and National Ayush Mission are empowered to approve.”

“Even the purchases of small consumable items have been bought in lakhs of pieces for a huge sum when the prices are much cheaper in the open market.”

“The central government has purchased ICU ventilators for Rs 2.5lakh each and the government in Goa which has the same political lineage has purchased the same for nearly Rs 8.0lakh each. Whereas the same ventilators are available online for anything between Rs 1.5 to 3.5lakhs,” he added.

“All these purchases indicate nothing short of looting the government finances while the people of Goa are suffering during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

“All this being done on the face of the state heading for bankruptcy. With such enormous expenditure instead of arresting the rise of Covid-19 cases/ deaths the situation is getting worse day by day.”

“The Congress condemns this loot using the sufferings of the people, and demands an explanation for the exorbitant prices paid out.”



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