Congress-Goa Forward Party announce their pre-poll alliance


Panaji: Congress and Goa Forward Party on Saturday announced their pre-poll alliance for the upcoming State legislative assembly election, scheduled in february next year.

All India Congress Committee Goa Desk incharge Dinesh Gundu Rao told a press conference that  Congress and GFP have entered into alliance for forthcoming goa assembly elections.

“After Vijai Sardesai met our leader Rahul Gandhi in Delhi, and expressed his support to the Congress partyand said that he wants to work with us, to defeat the communal corrupt BJP government in Goa and to bring about a change in Goa, we welcomed his support,” Rao told reporters in Panaji.

He said that after coming back to Goa there were more interaction between us and ironed out whatever small issues that were there and we are looking for a new beginning.

“Whatever has happened in the past, has happened in the past. Politics always there is scope for friendship, alliances and we have mutual trust and confidence in each other,” he commented.

He said that in the discussions that they had with Goa Forward,they were able to coordinate and sort out many issues what should be in the. He said that the discussion was also held on how to conduct the campaigning.

“ We will be going to the elections together and I expect that this alliance along with many other people who will be joining the congress , I am sure that in this election, the people have decided to reject the BJP and if they want a stable formulation in the state,” he added.

Rao said that the details of seat sharing between both the parties would be announced later.

Talking on the occasion, GFP chief Vijai Sardesai said that we have said in the past on the eve of Goa’s liberation day, we will give alliance that will liberate the state from autocratic government.

“We have a government in Goa which is in the politics of acquisitions and take overs that is poisoning democracy and there is a need to start a new liberation movement to reliberate Goa from this corrupt, communal BJP,” he said.

Sardesai said that there is a need for like minded people to team up. “What began at the residence of Rahul Gandhi has culminated here on an auspicious day,” he added.

Sardesai said that entire people are against this party (BJP) but elected representatives are joining it because of the high handedness of the central leadership of the party.

We are sure that political strategists who are of the view that any alternative to BJP cannot be done without a Congress as principal opposition party, he said adding that this is also a view of Prashant Kishor.


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