Congress challenges ruling coalition to pass confidence vote on the floor


Panaji: Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President Girish Chodankar has challenged the coalition government led by Manohar Parrikar to convene an Assembly session and win a confidence vote.

“We dare BJP to parade their 14 MLAS. The moment a new CM is announced  its certain that many MLA’S from BJPwill resign. Therefore  no permanent Solution will be announced,” Chodankar said in a statement issued here.

The congress leader dared BJP to prove their numbers on the floor of the House by conveying the session and winning the trust vote.

He said the real desperation for bjp to have new CM is because “the health of the whole party is down and the coalition government has run into minority having no numbers. Chodankar charged BJP is buying time to manufacture the majority. “

With three BJP ministers including the Chief Minister in the hospital and one person sits as the Speaker, the actual strength of the BJP has reduced to mere 10 in the Assembly,  he said.

“Secondly, the coalition partners had supported only Parrikar and not the BJP, when this unholy alliance came to power against the will of the people of Goa. The political uncertainty has arisen because the BJP cannot provide a consensus candidate, who could replace Parrikar and accepted by the allies,” he said.

In fact the open statements made by the MGP that they will support only Parrikar as CM is enough proof that the government collapses the minute Parrikar steps down as the CM, Chodankar added.

“The situation is that this ‘government in minority’ should actually be dismissed by the Governor and at least now the single largest Congress should be invited to form the government. The Congress is confident of proving its majority on the floor of the House,” he said.

“Otherwise it would mean that the inefficient ‘government in minority’ is being allowed to rule without having a mandate and enough numbers,” he added


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