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Congress, AAP abstains from crucial Election Commission’s meeting on Lok Sabha polls

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Panaji: Even as the crucial meeting was called by Chief Electoral Officer to discuss issued of electoral revision and also process for Lok Sabha elections to go online, two political parties Congress and Aam Admi Party abstained from attending it.

Chief Electoral Officer had convened a meeting on Monday  in respect of Special Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Roll of intensive nature commencing from January 1, 2019 as qualifying date.

During the meeting, the Election Commission of India officials also discussed on taking the processes related to the poll online.

“For example, it was decided that all the applications for permission like that from deputy collector or police should go online. This would do away with the requirement of filing physical applications,” one of the party functionary said.

He said that the ECI wants to make most of the processes online from the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

BJP was represented by Pundalik Raut Desai, Goa Forward Party had its Vice President Durgadas Kamat representing it. MGP Executive President Narayan Sawant and NCP’s spokesman Avinash Bhonsle participated in the meeting.


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