Chimbel residents in a shock after pond for Ganesh Immersion filled by land owner


Chimbel: The residents of Chimbel were in a rude shock when they realized that the pond, in which they were immersing Ganesh Idol for last 100 years, suddenly disappeared.

The locals said that the land owner has filled the pond, despite he giving it writing before the Court that he will allow the locals to immerse Idol in the pond.

The locals claimed that the land owner had filled the pond in the past, but had to open it up after the order by Deputy Collector. They say that the land owner had even given in writing to the court that he will keep pond open and also give access to the locals.

They said that the matter is pending before Civil Court which has given interim order stating that the water body should be cleaned for the purpose of immersion.

The locals, all of whom are from Scheduled Tribe community, are now left with no place to immerse their Idols.


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