Child Rights commission expresses concern over CCTV footage showing a child


Panaji: Goa State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (GSCPCR) have expressed concerns over the CCTV footage showing a family engaged in theft at Mapusa in which the child is also visible.
The commission has said that the circulating content, featuring the child, is currently being shared on various platforms on social media.
“While acknowledging the media’s role in reporting matters of public interest, it is crucial to highlight the potential violation of the child’s rights due to the public dissemination of this footage. The broadcast poses the risk of causing emotional and psychological harm to the child,” it has said.

The commission has said that “Compounding these concerns, the arrest and disclosure of the accused’s name and location have now made this information part of the public domain, heightening the risk of the child being identified and leading to further complications.”
“Recognizing the potential consequences, including social stigma, school-related embarrassment, and adverse effects on the child’s reputation within their community or institution, is crucial. Both the media and law enforcement agencies should exercise caution when sharing crime footage, considering the long-term impact on the child’s well-being and future.”
“In light of these circumstances, I urgently request your attention to this matter and appeal to you to identify and locate the footage on social media platforms. Please direct the relevant platforms to promptly remove the CCTV footage featuring the child. Additionally, I emphasize the need for the footage to be removed, even if the child’s face is blurred, as any form of identification could still lead to potential harm. This action is vital to safeguard the rights and dignity of the child, preventing any unwarranted harm to their personal and social life.”


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