CCP- Ribandar battle hots up as locals demand a full- fledged medical centre


An I1 member Ribandar delegation headed by local Corporator Rupesh Harlankar today met Panaji Mayor Uday Madkaikar and Commissioner Sanjit Rodrigues and vociferously reiterated

their demand of a full fledged Medical Facility at Ribandar.

Adv.Aires Rodrigues drew the attention of Mayor Madkaikar that  since the Goa Medical College’s Ribandar

Hospital in 1988 was moved to Bambolim there had been a longstanding demand of the local residents that a fully fledged health care facility be restored at
Ribandar to cater to health needs of the locals.

Adv. Rodrigues also pointed out that in August 2017, the then Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had publicly assured the residents of Ribandar that he would ensure that within three months full Medical care services and facilities would be restored at the old Goa Medical College Hospital at Ribandar.

Drawing the attention of the Mayor that now three years later to everyone’s utter shock that what has been now approved for Ribandar is just a day Health dispensary, Adv Rodrigues has categorically stated that this was absolutely unacceptable as the need was of a 24 hour well equipped health centre which should be at least a 10-bedded male and female ward medical facility with a X-ray, Sonography, CT scan, MRI and other facilities.

Adv. Rodrigues also drew the Mayor’s attention that besides catering to the health needs of the very densely populated Ribandar, this medical centre would benefit the residents of neighboring Old Goa, Corlim, Divar, Chorao, Chimbel and Merces.

Adv Rodrigues also told the Mayor that the cosmetic facility which is now approved at Ribandar is a cheap gesture to pacify the local residents and will benefit no one as it would only be a waste of public funds.


Stating that whatever space remains at the Old Goa Medical College Hospital at Ribandar should be fully utilised only on projects for the benefit of the local
residents with a full- fledged medical facility being a priority, Adv. Rodrigues has urged the CCP Mayor to kindly pursue with the concerned authorities to ensure that this long overdue state of the art well equipped medical facility is set up urgently at the now vacant premises of the Old Goa Medical College Ribandar hospital so that it is accessible and available around the clock for those requiring medical assistance.


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