Can Govt tell us the benefits of Coal Projects : AAP


Margao, Aam Aadmi Party said that when nations the world over were downsizing use of coal, the government of Goa was facilitating increase of imports of coal by allowing double tracking of railway line in the state.

AAP leader Sidharth Karapurkar said that AAP is throwing a challenge to the Government to show the benefits of the project that will accrue to the people of Goa. He said that the government propped up with the help of former congress MLAs had become an enemy of the people.
“when it comes to protection of environment, this government that never had the mandate of the people is acting extremely cruel to please one or two business houses. This is should not be tolerated” said Sidharth.

Coal bussiness in goa got a push from Mr luizinho faleiro and proposal for double tracking was done by mr Digamber kamat both congress stalwarts. “AAP has always said that congress and bjp are running an alliance named *Congress Janata Party*, sudden heart change of Congress towards these projects are just an eye wash. Both BJP and Congress have been playing with the sentiments of Goans”,

Mormugao has more than 5000 cases of lung related problems.
AAP is concerned about the health of the citizens, it is time that Govt must stop destroying Goa’s health and environment.

Double tracking of railway track will increase coal heavily , more people to be effected. It will destroy protected forest the Bhagwan Mahaveer wildlife sanctuary, the Dudhsagar waterfall, hundreds of species of animals , trees and the water.

Govt is working for the interest of Adani, it has nothing to do with the interest of Goans.


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