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Café Fe’s Deli at Borda, Margao, you can actually mind your calories

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Margao: If you think that a visit to a café will end up with you adding a lot of unnecessary calories to your body, then Café Fe’s Deli at Borda, Margao is an exception.

A venture by Shane Quadros, his sister Faye and brother-in-law Graeme Barros is one of the first cafes in Goa that provides you solutions on how to control their calorie intake.

Shane, a UK-returned Goan food technology expert, says that the café offers something called as “Eat Right.”

“We offer subscription based food plans, for our clients who want to watch their calorie intake or clients who are following a specific diet plan,” he told www.goanewshub.com.

“We have a calorie count on each of our dishes. The customers can have a fixed plan for the whole week. Even for those who follow keto diet, we have a special plan as well. We are offering it on a 24 hour order basis,” he said.

Shane’s career journey is interesting as it spans across Goa, France, Russia, UK and back to the motherland after almost globe trotting.

“In September 2019 I came back to India. I studied my masters in food technology and passed out there in 2015. I studied first in Bangalore and then one and half year in France,” he said.

“I always had a thing of starting my own business. After going around the globe, I always thought that it is good to start something in Goa,” says Shane, pitching in with his ‘swadesh’ theory.

His experience of working in different places is worth mentioning. He worked in companies like Nestle, Montana, then went to France and Russia and UK before returning back.

“My sister she loves cooking, developing new products, as well as I wanted to start something in food production,” he says while speaking about his inspiration.

The USP of the café that the trio runs are the ingredients. “We go in minute details of each and every of our items. We want to make sure that it works in our standard procedure and quality,” he said.

And when asked about why it’s name as “Fe’s Deli”, Shane explains “Fé is derived from the name of his sister and Deli abroad is necessarily is a place where people can come for a quick bite.”

“There are people who are curious about the name,” he concedes.

Shane receives a mix crowd at his venture. “During certain time you get office crowd that comes for quick snack, we have games like UNO, Darts.”

“We also have a whole range of books. We have customers who come here for a cup of coffee and read books,” he said.

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