Budget was nothing more then the election speech: AAP Goa


Panaji: AAP Goa chief Amit Palekar on Thursday said that the union budget was nothing more than the election speech.
Talking to reporters in Panaji, Palekar said that the union finance minister spoke about the foreign investment but did not utter a word on devaluation of rupees vis-a-vis dollar.
“It was more like a popular speech. It is like election speech. There is nothing concrete. There are no concrete figures in the budget speech,” he said.
Palekar said that the people were expecting different things from the finance minister. “She should have given concrete proposal to uplift the entire economy. It has also be conducive for industrial development and employment generation. But that did not happen,” he said.
The AAP leader said that this more like a shortest political speech, least expected from the finance minister. “Basically, it is looking at 2024 election, disappointing for middle and lower income group. She has not given any hope for industries,” he added.


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