BRAP Ranking – Another Shameful Low


CMOs Inefficiency & Mismanagement is once again evident as Goa hits another national low with State Business Reform Action Plan{BRAP} coming at a shamefully low ranking of 24th amongst 36 States & UTs!
There’s nothing surprising about this abysmal performance because our CM has been more focused on Opportunistic avenues for Corruption that would fill personal coffers of himself and his cronies. They have been too busy with Quarantine Tourism, Illegal Mining, Labour Scam, ensuring their cuts from Covid funds, playing dirty politics to oust a Good Governor and above all the Drug Business.

Coming out with flying colours in the implementation of State Business Reform Action Plan would have required the CM to provide good governance in form of Access to Information, Adhering to prescribed Standards of Environment Protection, Local Self Governance Sanitation, Providing Single Window Service on all Government certifications, permissions, payments, Ensuring Job opportunities under various Govt schemes, implementation of Labour reforms and reduction in labour conflicts and such other socio-economic parameters.
Now how could a CM and his Government that’s thriving on chaos and mismanagement meet all these parameters? When Democracy itself has gone for a toss under this Autocratic CM, how can we hope for welfare based reforms?

Thus, Goa is at a pitiful 24th position when even the newly formed state of Telengana is ranked 3rd !
Good Governance and Public Welfare was never the forte of this Accidental CM and this is being proved repeatedly in all fronts. While every other state government is striving to improve the lives of their people with reforms and welfare measures and to overcome the pandemic effects, our CM & Gang are busy with their usual business of Drugs,Crime, clicking photos with Bollywood wannabes and filling moneybags.
So from 17th position in 2017-18 we have dropped to 24th position in 2020. This Dr CM has failed Goans on all fronts and it’s time he steps down before he brings more shame to Goa on the national platform.


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