BJP reacts: Viriato’s comments on the Indian constitution are unfortunate


Panaji: BJP has reacted to the statement of congress candidate Viriato Fernandes said that Indian constitution was forced upon Goa after the liberation.

BJP Goa spokesman Giriraj Pai Vernekar reacting to the statement said “Viriato’s comments on the Indian Constitution being thrust upon Goa and Goans are unfortunate.”

“As a former Naval officer, I had expected better from him. Yet, in his political career, he consistently chooses stances that betray national interests,” he said.

Vernekar said “Whether it was opposing the Indian Navy during flag hoisting or his current remarks about the constitution, Viriato’s comments are disheartening and a clear reflection of the INDI alliance’s intent to undermine, not uphold, the constitution.”

He further said “Is he pandering to those discontented with Goa’s integration into India?”


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