BJP lost in Karnataka because they could not perform like PM Modi: CT Ravi


Panaji: BJP National General Secretary C T Ravi on Monday claimed that his party lost in Karnataka because they could not work, the way Prime Minister Narendra Modi worked in the country.

The Senior BJP leader also alleged that it was Congress party that was working for Adani and Ambani, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi worked for the poor people.

Addressing a press conference, Ravi said that multiple factors were involved in it. “He said that BJP has managed to secure its own vote.

“Due to guarantee card, we lost 100-200 votes in each polling booth,” he said.

He said that BJP could not set proper narrative in Karnataka, which was one of the reason the party lost in Karnataka. Ravi said that it was a mistake of BJP and accept it.

He said that Karnataka lost in BJP because they could not work like PM

Speaking further, he alleged that it was opposition parties that were working for Adani and Ambani, while BJP worked for poor people.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a reformer, performer and transformer. The opposition has been making baseless allegations,” he said.

“PM Modi never worked for Adani and Ambani. It was opposition parties which were working for Adani and Ambani,” Ravi commented.

The BJP leader said that Modi-led government has been working for “poor people through its schemes and policies.” “Modi introduced Make In India concept which has helped the country to be self-reliant,” he said.

Ravi said that we have to compare the situation before Modi came to power and now. “We have to compare the situation during UPA to current Modi-led rule. We can say that congress means scam. Today there is no these scam. BJP means scheme, congress means scam,” he said.

The leader said that the poor are made part of the system during Modi-led government. He recalled that crores of bank accounts of poor were opened during his rule.

He said that the Congress means communalism and family politics. “Politics of Modi encompasses entire India while Congress politics means only their own relatives,” Ravi said.

Ravi said that NCP, Samajwadi Party, RJD, JDS, National Conference, TMC are “pariwarwadi parties”. “All these are parties are against BJP. They claim that the democracy is under threat but there is no democracy in their own parties. There is dynasty and dictatorship,” he said.

The BJP leader said that the foreign policies were earlier either Russia-centric or America-centric. “But now, the foreign politicies are always India centric,” he added.


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