BJP Govt started a ‘Dance Bars’ in Goa; reveals Calangute PI’s notice – Amarnath Panjikar


Panaji: A notice issued by the Police Inspector of Calangute Laxi Amonkar on January 11, clearly reveals that ‘Dance Bars’ were allowed to function illegaly in Goa under protection of Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant and blessings of Deputy CM Manohar alias Babu Ajgaonkar. This new exposure has added into the list of another illegal business that was under way in Goa ruled by the BJP Government who initiated “Mission 30 percent Commission” policy for all illegal activities charged Congress Goa State Media Cell Chairman Amarnath Panjikar.

While making this revelation, Amarnath Panjikar  has appealed Goan people that the corrupt BJP Government has brought all kinds of embarrassment to Goa’s pride and identity and the time has now come to wipe out the BJP from the State.

“After the closure of mining business in Goa, the BJP government has almost destroyed the tourism industry in the state,” alleged Amarnath Panajikar adding that the BJP government and its ministers and office-bearers filled their pockets by promoting unethical and illegal business in Goa.

“The BJP Government came into power 10 years ago while calling for “Parivartan” in Goa. In the last ten years, the BJP has turned this picturesque, cultured, well-governed and well-to-do Goa into a haven for criminals,” said Panajikar. He also alleged that the BJP has all plans to destroy the environment  and hand it over to Modi’s crony club.

“It is time for Goans to teach the BJP a lesson to preserve the culture, tradition and heritage of Goa,” he added. Panajikar claimed that the Congress party is committed to provide good governance by respecting the sentiments and anticipations of Goa and Goan people.

“A police officer has exposed how fake is the dedication and commitment of Goa’s Chief Minister towards Goan people and Goan pride. If the CM has some shame, he should immediately resign and sit at home,” said Panjikar.


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