BJP Government Harrassing Seafarers and Foreign exchange earners- Yuri Alemao



Margao – No Jobs, No Pension, No Citizenship. Due to failure of BJP Government to create Employment Opportunities, Goan Youths go Abroad, earn Foreign Exchange & support Goan Economy. Still, Government snatch away their Citizenship. Retired Seafarers made to struggle for Pension. Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant must explain Why Government is doing this harassment to our Goans? stated Leader of Opposition Yuri Alemao.

Reacting to the demand made by Goa Seafarers Association of India to fast track the pending applications of Goa Welfare Pension Scheme for Seafarers, Yuri Alemao has slammed the BJP Government for its insensitive attitude.

Government takes post facto approvals after spending multiple crores on events but has no courtesy to expedite financial approvals to disburse pensions to the needy in time, stated Yuri Alemao.

It is shocking to note that hundreds of applications are pending since 2018. Government must instruct the concerned Officials of Home Department and NRI Commission to expedite the scrutiny of pending applications, demanded Yuri Alemao.

I am unable to understand why BJP Government is reluctant to make the Goa Welfare Pension Scheme for Seafarers permanent. We must respect our hardworking Seafarers who stay away from their homes to earn Foreign Exchange and support their Families and State of Goa, said Yuri Alemao.

Government has become blind with its obsession for Glittering Events spending money by emptying State Treasury. They have lost sensitivity of bringing smiles on faces of Goans during Festival Season, stated Yuri Alemao.


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