Beaches wear deserted look at rains makes entry on Goan seashore


Benaulim: With the onset of rains in the coastal state, the seashores are wearing deserted look with tourists moving away from the beaches and shacks dismantled till September month.

“This is the best time to be on the beach. But it is not right time to swim. You can go up to knee deep water but swimming is strictly prohibited,”said Pele aka Fransisco Fernandes, a local fishermen from Benaulim beach.

Pele said that the sea is rough and fishing activities too have stopped on the shoreline. “There is official ban on fishing using motorised vessels from June 1 till July 31. The traditional fishermen are allowed but they too stay away for sometime as the Sea is rough,” he said.

The Indian Meteorological Department has given Orange Alert for Goa till June 11. The fishermen are advised not to venture in the sea.

Drishti Lifesaving Services, a private agency which has been given responsibility of lifeguarding the beaches, has installed red flags along the coast. The lifeguards were seen patrolling the beaches.

The number of tourists have dwindled drastically with hardly anyone seen on the beach. “Goan beaches are more cleaner during the monsoon. There are no shacks and no hurdles. You can walk freely on the beach,” said Rahul Gaikwad, a tourist from Mumbai, who has come with his family.

He said that the room tariffs of hotels, including starred hotels, drop down drastically during the monsoon due to which it becomes more affordable to be in Goa during monsoon.

A senior official from State tourism department said that Goa is focussing on round the year tourism. “There is nothing called as off-season. We want travellers to come to Goa even during monsoons. Goa is greener during monsoon,” he said.

He said that the concept of regenerative tourism introduced by the state government encompasses highlighting of our hinterlands. “People can visit beaches but at the same time, they can spend more time in our hinterlands,” the official said.


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