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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Babush Monserratte leads the operation to lift illegally parked vehicles near Casino Jetties


Panaji: The Corporation of City of Panaji officials led by Mayor Uday Madkaikar along with local MLA Babush Monserratte on Saturday cracked down on the illegal parking around Casino jetties which was resulting in the traffic congestion.

Monserratte was personally seen supervising the operation to pick up the vehicles using CCP vehicle, which were parked near Casino jetty. The local had complained that the parking in the No Parking Zones is resulting in the chaotic situation on the road.

CCP had began lifting the two wheelers and clamping the four wheelers from this week onwards after locals complained of a traffic mess in the city.

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  1. We hope someone takes the necessary action
    To keep the road between BOM Jesus & se cathedral clear of parked tourist vehicles
    As this is also no parking zone & creates similar traffic chaos during rush hours
    Similar chaos takes place at Dattaprasad
    Causing hardships to locals

  2. It is the job of traffic police, tomorrow somebody will shit on the road, will you start cleaning the shit? Let the traffic police do their job


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