Are radio-frequency waves emitted from cellphone towers harmful ?

Panaji : Last few years saw an exponential rise in the use of Smartphones in Goa. This has naturally led to installation of new towers to increase the efficiency of telephone operators. The towers, also known as base stations, have antennas that receive and transmit radio frequency signals.
We are starting to realize the need to use smartphones now more than ever, especially in rural areas where students need to be present in their online classes.
Due to network issues students have been put in the harm’s way as they are unable to attend these classes. While locals have been requesting PAnchayats to install towers , many during the gram sabhas criticize this move asserting that the cell phone tower’s radiation will cause cancer and other health issues. But how far is this true?
The Goa unit of the department of Telecommunications has answers to these questions. They had organised an awareness workshop on ‘Radiation from Cellular Mobile Towers’ under the chairmanship of Ashok Kumar Mittal, ITS, advisor, DoT recently, as a part of public advocacy programme designed to bust myths around Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation and to put an end to baseless fears of citizens.

Using his scientific knowledge, Ashok Kumar Mittal addressed the misconceptions. He informed that mobile towers are imperative for smooth connectivity. Dr T K Joshi, advisor to Health Minister, government of India briefed on the scientific research that is testimonial to the fact that there are no health impacts of these radiations on human health.

Joshi stated that, “It is important for citizens to understand today that mobile tower EMF radiations are being strictly monitored and evidence from

credible sources have ruled out the possibility of health issues
emanating from EMF radiations.”
Deputy director general, department of Telecommunications Goa, S Sudhakar  gave a presentation on the technical side of EMF from mobile towers. He explained the government initiatives to expand the telecom and internet facilities to support the latest and the advanced new services for the general public of Goa State.
The speakers focussed on the fact that mobile services and wireless broadband access are necessary not only for rapid growth and modernization of various sectors of the economy, but also for success of key government initiatives related to education, health, finance, direct benefit transfer, e-KYC and other e-governance services.


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