Appoint bank liquidator at the earliest : MUCBEU

Panaji : The Reserve Bank of India cancelled the Banking License of the Madgaum Urban Co-operative Bank ltd on 29th July 2021 and directed the office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies to appoint a liquidator to carry out the due process of law for winding  up the bank and settle the claims of the stakeholders.
“10 days have lapsed with no sign of appointment of the liquidator for m the concerned authorities of the Government of Goa. It has caused a lot of resentment  among the Depositors, shareholders and the staff” said the pressnote.
The President of M.U.C.B.O.A and M.U.C.B.E.U Prasanna Utagi has written letters to the Registrar of Co-operative societies, The CM and the Minister for Co-operation, Government ot of Goa requesting them to expedite the appointment of liquidator.
The press note informed that the staff members have not been given salary for the month of July 2021. “Depositors are waiting to get back their money. Moreover, Govt of India passed a bill in the parliament  with guarantee to refund the depositors upto five lakhs deposits within 90 days of liquidation of bank”
The bank has requested the CM to look into this matter and appoint a liquidator without further delay.


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