Another incident of accident due to drunken driving, youth seriously injured


Bambolim: In a case of drunken driving, a rent-a-cab rammed against a two-wheeler at Bambolim highway on Thursday seriously injuring a youth.
The videos that are circulated on social media clearly shows a couple, apparently tourists, in an extreme inebriated condition dashed against the two-wheeler. The incident happened at 8.30 am.
The car was reportedly driven by a male driver, who was drunk and a lady was sitting next to him. She too was drunk.
Sources stated that Viresh, a Railway employee was on his bike, was seriously injured in an accident. The couple was overspeeding on the highway.
Eye witnesses claimed that the police arrived at the scene, almost 30 minutes delayed and before that the people had shifted the victim to Goa medical college and hospital, Bambolim.


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