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Anaaya’s Paraben free handmade soaps & cosmetics

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A Goa based Handmade soap Artisan at Anaaya’s Handmade.

A very small scale business run from home, What started as a hobby turned to a  small business entrepreneur…

Preparing handmade soaps and other cosmetics like lipsticks, shampoo bars,body butters only from Naturalllllll ingredients.

An initiative to stop chemical usage on skin and replace them with  skin friendly, Paraben & SLS free products..

We prepare in small batches only on order…each product is handmade and every ingredient is chosen with care..
Selective essential oils plays a vital role in our preparation.
And you will be amazed how some ingredients from your very own kitchen & gardens  can lead to miracles to your skin….like turmeric,Aloe Vera, tomato,gingers, coconut, curry leaves,rice and much more…

We prepare products using unrefined Shea/cocoa butter,olive oils,castor oils, tomato, beetroots,rice flour, potato,gram flour and pretty much  everything that’s available in  our kitchen.

We also undertake wedding, birthdays and other festive themed bars and hampers too..and mind it ….they all are Naturalllllll too

There’s a soap bar for every skin type,a lotion that’s specially customised for you, fragrance formulated only for you,bath salts to make your bath time merrier .
Mild soaps and butters for your newborn, shampoo bars to treat your hair solutions..
What else could u ask for??????
And the best part is …it’s all NATURAL..

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