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Amend the act, hang rapists till death in public: Pratima Coutinho

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Panaji: Goa Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee on Tuesday came in support of party leader Rahul Gandhi’s statemen that India was known as rape capital of the world.

GPMCC President Pratima Coutinho said that looking at the trend of rapes and then murder of the innocent victims clearly suffices what our leader Rahul Gandhi has said.

Coutinho was speaking on television show Prime Encounter on Prime Media.

“We should not live in the state of denial. There are cases of minor girls being raped and killed. Women are not feeling safe on the streets in several parts of the country. That is the actual situation and not any political statement,” she said.

Coutinho said that the time has come to amend the existing law and ensure that those are convicted for raping and killing should be “hanged to death in public.”

“There is need to instill fear in the mind of perverts that if they commit the crime, they would face severe consequences,” she said adding that world over the countries are adopting the no tolerance attitude towards such crime.

“The only way we can control it is through capital punishment in such cases,” she said.

Gandhi on Saturday had said in Wayanad (Kerala) that the international community was ridiculing the country and India was known as the rape capital of the world.

His statement was criticized by many including BJP leaders.


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