After two years with police, Murgaoncha Raja finally immersed


Mormugao: In a very unusual Ganesh Visarjan, the Ganesh idol of Murgaoncha Raja which was In the custody of Mormugao Police station for around two years was finally handed over to Mormugao MLA Sankalp Amonkar in the presence of the members of Murgaoncha Raja Group.
Amonkar later along with other members of the Group and a large number of residents across all religions finally did the pooja and all the other rituals and the Ganesh Idol was finally immersed at Baina beach amidst music, crackers and chants of Ganpati Bappa Morya
A large number of residents were emotional as the idol was handed over by the Mormugao Police to Amonkar even as crackers worth thousands of rupees and Prasad for around 1500 people were arranged for the Visarjan rituals.
Speaking to media , Social Activist Xencor Polgi who had been very vocal for the release of the idol from the police station said that it was finally the victory of Good over evil
” We have a lot of people who have arrived from across all religions and we want to thank the Mormugao DySP Nilesh Rane, our leader Suraj Chodankar and MLA Sankalp Amonkar to get the idol out after two years and the police has taken good care of the idol and it is as it is when it was taken to the police station two years ago. People across all religions have gathered and this is a message to all political leaders trying to disturb the peace of Goa ” said Polgi
Murgaoncha Raja President Suraj Chodankar alias Balan said that he did not want to politicize the issue
” We don’t know how and why the Ganesh idol was taken to the police station two years ago and finally we have seen the idol today after being released from the police station . Many people who have been elected from Councillors to MLAs to ministers have been in the Murgaoncha Raja Pandal before being elected but once in power they think they are God and don’t spare anyone for politics  . Leaders must play politics in assembly and not with God and we approached many people to get the idol released for the last two years but no one helped and we even requested the police to do the Visarjan in case they did not want to hand over the idol to us  . Finally Amonkar coordinated with everyone and all the Government authorities have helped us to the Visarjan of the idol and God has taught a lesson to the persons who were involved in sending our idol to the Police station and we don’t want to make any controversy on this.  We have never seen any communal violence in Mormugao and we will always live United for all the festivals and religious and cultural programs in the future and not fall prey to some political leaders who are trying to spoil our peace ” said Chodankar
Mormugao MLA Sankalp Amonkar said that it was an emotional day for many people including him to see the idol back after two years and subsequently being immersed at Baina as per rituals
” This has been a great day for all the Ganesh Bhakts and the residents of Mormugao who have arrived here with joy to participate in the Visarjan rituals. All the people have taken efforts to see this day because the idol was in police custody for over two years and we have taken efforts to coordinate with the police department, Mamlatdar, Dy Collector who supported us to get the idol released and do the Visarjan. This was the real wish and sentiments of the people who had regularly been asking us as to when we could do the Visarjan after getting the idol of the police station. God has heard our prayers and finally we are getting the Visarjan done amidst a lot of people who have culminated here and become emotional as they see the idol being immersed at Baina beach. ” said Amonkar


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