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Thursday, August 11, 2022

AAP is entering its next phase, expanding base all over Goa – Rahul



Aam Aadmi Party while stating that it was for the people of Goa to decide who would be its chief minister’s face in Goa said the party does not have any high command culture and all decisions regarding Goa are taken by party members from Goa.

AAP Goa Convener Rahul Mhambre said the party recognises the contribution of all leaders including those who have now left the party.
“I would not stoop down to comment on what why he said he resigned from the party,” he said adding that when people do not get their wishes fulfilled they look for excuses and added that it was unfortunate that Elvis had to resort to misleading people about AAP functioning.

While pointing out that AAP is a national party which has a government in Delhi and is the main opposition in Punjab, he said all decisions regarding Goa are taken by the Goa team which may at times consult the national leadership.
“AAP is coming out of an ineffective period in Goa and every day new people are joining us at the Vij Andolan,” he said adding that the new comers are also eager to take on some responsibility to strengthen the party in Goa.

Replying to a question Rahul said AAP is prepared for the ensuing assembly elections and said that the people of Goa will decide who will be AAP face for chief minister in Goa. “It was Arvind Kejriwal who announced that Elvis was the convener of AAP in Goa now was that also a Delhi boss decision?” he asked.
AAP spokesperson Sandesh Telekar pointed out that AAP volunteers are actively involved in the agitations against the three linear projects in Goa namely road widening, railway double tracking and transmission lines through forest area and said AAP will stand by the people in this struggle.
It would be pertinent to point out that Sandesh is one of the six persons against whom the Maina Curtorim police have filed a First Information Report following the 2nd November protest at Chandor against the double tracking of railway line.

“In the last couple of years some of our best volunteers and leaders were sidelined by a select coterie and they are all slowly coming back to the party as they know their voice will be heard and they will get a chance to work for Goans again” said Rahul Mhambre.

Along with Rahul and Sandesh Valmiki Naik, Capt Venzy Viegas and Adv Surel Tilve were also present for the media briefing.

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  1. These Elvis Team failed to convinced Goans that AAP is the only Party which works for Goans. They failed to convince Goans that AAP provides Free Water, Free Electricity, Free Transport, Free Education, Free Health Care, Free Pilgrimage, Free WiFi, CCTVs Security all over Goa, etc.
    AAP has given all the facilities including Power to work on Ground but they wanted to work in A/C. Office and get Power without any hard work. AK went to jail many times just for the sake of Delhi people. He spent money from his pocket to give justice to the people of Delhi. And for this reason, AK gets full majority to rule Delhi without any disturbance of the Opposition Parties.


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