AAP helped BJP to divert the Coal issue by indulging in power debate: Congress


Panaji: The Congress party in Goa on Thursday accused Aam Admi Party (AAP) of helping the BJP to divert attention from the crucial issue of coal handling in the state, by triggering alternate issue of “debate over the electricity tariff.”


Congress Goa spokesman Devasurabhi Yaduvanshi, addressing a press conference, questioned why AAP leader Raghav Chadha during his Goa visit skipped the issue of Coal pollution, while raking up alternate topic of debate over electricity tariff.


Chadha during his Goa visit had challenged State Power Minister Nilesh Cabral to debate on public platform over Kejriwal model of electricity versus BJP model of electricity.


Yaduvanshi said that Chadha was invited in Goa to divert the attention from the crucial issue of coal handling in the state, which has put the ruling BJP-led government on the mat.


Various NGOs and opposition parties are protesting against three projects including expansion of National Highway and double tracking of the railway claiming that these facilities are created to allow multinational companies to transport the coal to their plants in Karnataka from MPT.


Another spokesman Trajano D’Mello said that AAP was a B team of BJP, which is all out to salvage the saffron party from the crisis. D’Mello said that the Goan electorate cannot be taken for a ride by these political parties.


He said that AAP should first clarify why they have highest tax on the fuel, Value Added Tax and excise. “We expect AAP leader to speak about good governance and not on providing free electricity,” he said.


D’Mello said that the COVID-19 situation in Delhi is worsening with healthcare infrastructure crippling. “Whom will you give free electricity when people are dying on the streets due to COVID-19,” he questioned.



  1. Goans voted Congress and gave 17 MLAs to Congress and in return Congress gave 13 MLAs to BJP. Today’s BJP Government has more Congress MLAs than BJP MLAs. It is undeclared alliance before election to give winning Congress MLAs to BJP. AAP is here to change the tradition Politics of Congress & BJP who divides Goans in the name of Language, Religion, Caste, etc.


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