19 people lost their lives in road accidents in October


Panaji: The State traffic police have informed that total 19 people lost their lives in road accidents reported in the month of October.

The Directorate of Transport has compiled their monthly report of number of accidents that occurred and the total Challans that were issued in October month.

As per the report there were 281 road accidents of which 19 were Fatal Accidents (North Goa –9 and South Goa – 10), 17 were Grievous Accidents (North Goa – 7 and South Goa – 10), 76 were accidents of Minor nature  (North Goa – 24 and South Goa – 52) and 169 Non – Injury Accidents (North Goa – 95 and South Goa – 74).

The total number of persons who lost their lives in road accidents were 19 (North Goa – 9 and South Goa – 10). This included 13 riders, one pillion rider, two drivers, and three  Pedestrians.

23 people were Grievously Injured (North – 11 and South – 12) while 200 persons suffered Minor Injuries (North – 34 South – 166).

A total 2785 Challans were issued by Transport authorities for various violations of traffic rules.


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