Youths across Goa protest against the three mega projects



Panaji: Continuing their agitation against the government’s proposed mega projects, several youth fronts had come together at Panaji Institute Piedade to protest against the three mega projects which are to come up in the state of Goa. “The government has tried several times to feign ignorance about these Mollem projects as being central projects and we (youth) will not allow them to feign ignorance anymore,” said one of the youths protesting. 
The united youth also asked the CM of Goa, who is the chairperson for the state wildlife advisory board to send an immediate representation to the Union Minister of Environment and forests who is the chairperson of the National Board of Wildlife to scrap the wildlife clearances granted to the three linear infrastructure  projects. “If the clearances are not revoked, in the coming days our voices will only get stronger” warned the youth.


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