Writer Neha Savakar Vaze narrate stories to the children through her youtube initiatives


Panaji: During the coronavirus pandemic time, when the children are away from their school campus, Goa-based writer Neha Savakar Vaze has come up with an unique idea to converse with them. Through her youtube series, she has tried to talk to them, tell them stories and spread smiles and positivity. Here’s what she had to say while talking to www.goanewshub.com.

This pandemic has taken a toll over almost each and everyone around us, and as we are trying to get accustomed to the new normal, we see our little kids, unaware of the current scenario, getting even more tangled into this mess !

My 5 year old son, a student of Mushtifund English Pre Primary school keeps missing his school , teachers, and friends everyday!

As a PTA representative, when  I discussed with the HeadMistress Mrs.Gauri Kamat and Incharge Sheetal Samant, regarding my eagerness to do something that can be added to the co curricular online activities, for our kids, they readily came up with this idea of storytelling! And since Ganesh Chaturthi was round the corner ,we chose the same topic…

Children of this age tend to get bored too soon, hence a short and crisp video narration would do the job of getting them involved as well as leaving behind a spray of queries into their minds which could be further answered by the parents, I thought !

I am not very accustomed to Youtube or the editing part but since I really wanted it to reach the little viewers , I tried my best to complete it.

This being an amateur attempt ,although was slightly flawed, but glad and grateful to receive a lot of positive comments as well as requests by parents all over, to make more of such videos for their kids

Nothing can give you more happiness ,when you  make the kids smile.

I am already on the quest for my next story and hoping to make it better and more exciting for the little ones..

Just a small bit from my end to unlock the little innocent minds during these tough times.

Here’s the youtube link to one of her story

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