Why RG supremo Manoj Parab broke down during his live interaction?


Panaji: Reacting to the spate of videos made against the Revolutionary Goans, its chief Manoj Parab appealed all the cadres not to be diverted or distracted and continuing working to save Goa from the mafias.
In a video released on Thursday morning, Parab was seen breaking down remembering how his cadres have been sacrificing to save Goa from the mafias like land mafias, scrap mafias and real estate mafia. He said that he and his cadres have resisted all the offers to ensure that “revolution remains pure.”
Parab said that with the countdown for Lok Sabha election beginning, the videos to discourage “Target 2024” of RG have started surfacing, prompted by the opposition.
“This was expected but I don’t want our Krantikaris to get diverted or distracted. There will be attempts to instigate or distract RG cadres. RG is the only party which provides voice for the Goans,” he said.
Parab said that he has asked the cadres to “ignore such videos.”

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