When wife of an officer occupies chair at BSNL, Sanguem (As narrated by social activist Amit Naik)


Sanguem: While the people ,student from remote villages like Vaddem, Netravali, Verlem , Jakem etc are upset over the bad connectivity of BSNL Network due to which they are not able to get online orientation from schools and colleges the BSNL staff are least bother and using central government office as their personal office, allowing their family members to use the desk .

we are shocked to see the condition of BSNL office at Curchorem. where a wife is using the chair of employee (who is her husband) and performing his duties on his behalf on a technical term. while other staff is busy in their personal shopping during office hours.

Today future of a students from remote areas are in dark and being a monopoly of BSNL no other service provider has reached to these far flung places.
During this pandemic when even Government is focusing on digital learning , the lethargy on the part of BSNL is hampering students life.
It’s appeal to the Government to look into the matter and strict action to be taken against this useless and least bother staff.


  1. Worst kind of services from BSNL in connectivity. I try calling my wife’s sister number in Ratnagiri village Kelye. I get different answers each time line is connected either it is check the number, number not present, number is busy etc etc. This is the regular feature for the past four months.

  2. Misuses of office is absolutely wrong… every child of Whatever is location should get network access but
    I want to ask which type of monopoly is there.Why other operator not reached in remote areas when company like ‘deshbhakt’ JIO is working hard.
    In normal condition hospital like appollo max are very good but why govt hospital for corona.their doctor should work whithout salary.

  3. I had lots of positive feelings towards BSNL . But here , the local SBI Shibrampur branch(code : 11368)doesn’t have one .
    Would anyone look into the matter & restart the service at a state owned financial institute ?
    Quite a number of times , the bank staffs communicate in their cell phones , making me doubtful , if the caller is a genuine one .

  4. Today’s pitiable condion of BSNL is due to the employees. They misused the entire net work for their personal uses and gave a very poor service to the people. By the time the government and the employees realise the precarious financial position, people lost confidence on BSNL. God sent, private telecome providers started operations in the country. People
    heaved a sigh and discarded BSNL. In olden days, Government was pouring money into BSNL/MTNL, whenever they require funds. Now, the situation is changed. Even now it is not late that the employees should mend their ways to treat public with
    Courtesy and give good service. The worst thing is they never attend vrievences promply.

  5. We live in a place where there is no other provider. WiFi signal is horrible, however Bsnl does not seem to be bothered.

  6. Bsnl services are worst .I have got broadband monthly 699 plan .it has very low speed .I have think serious about net problem.it will spoil my children education .

  7. I’m a former officer, now retired, of BSNL. I know as an officer, the difficulties in extracting work from subordinate staff. Most of them are now not with BSNL due to VRS 2019. Even then when they were in service, they were adopted to nonworking culture. Due to so Many constraints (union activities, political reasons, reservation policies etc. Etc ), the officers are helpess . Today, the contract labors have not received their salary for the last thirteen months. This particular case indicating the officer extracting work from his family members shows the worst condition of today’s BSNL. The officer is really to be appreciated.

  8. It is a problem every where . Even the complaint is not attended in brosband connections. Consumers are paying regular monthly bills. But there is poor service by BSNL.Now a days IT workers are working from home but due to poor service of BSNL work result is not fruitfull. Govt to looki n to matter seriously.

  9. Why NOT to compel other service providers like JIO, AIRTEL, VODAFONE to compete in all India which includes rural area also… this is the real face of privatization only PROFIT… ofcourse… the lack of discipline, misuse, irresponsible, callous attitude, corruption etc. needs to be addressed without any second thought on priority in PSUs…. we have Delhi Metro to seek an example for…. but policy should be framed for all telcom companies to enter and provide services in rural area also…..

  10. Similar situation rather more worse here at Punev411006 BSNl Yerawada exchange..since 3months no staff.no service to disconnected lines..

  11. Govt of India has decided to sell it to Ambani Or Adani family in auction. So people should say that it’s worth less, it should stop working.

  12. First Bsnl should launch as soon as possible 4g services for servival in 5g era otherwise one day bsnl will private
    And second government officers are not understand it’s duty to provide at least good connectivity of 3g+

  13. The government officers are the actual obstacle for the growth of our economy. They draft everything which is favourable for their salary and pension. There is no performance., no accountability, no responsibility. The politicians are just spectators. The increase in petrol and diesel prices is to increase for their dearness allowance. This is big scam by the government for Indian citizens. Corruption is the added service by the government servants and politicians.

  14. Sir, Please get detailed information before publishing such reports. Today very much shortage of staff in bsnl after vrs. No materials, Upkeep personnals not paid for more than 1 year if some body gets help from his spouse it should be appreciated. He is doing good job helping bsnl and public.
    I don’t think anybody gone for shopping as several duties are outdoor and gone outside on duty. If anybody doing wrong please give complaint to GM. Necessary action will be taken


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