When Goa Forward Party President Vijai Sardesai meets Vascokars


Vasco: In a Janata Darbar held in Vasco, Goa Forward President Vijay Sardesai heard the grievances of Mormugao Taluka residents, who expressed profound dissatisfaction with the current state of their community. Despite being represented by three BJP MLAs, the people of Mormugao feel betrayed and neglected, with the taluka on the verge of a health disaster, described as a “ticking time bomb.”

Mormugao Port Authority (MPA) operates as the de facto ruler of the taluka, while the state government displays a lack of ownership and intervention. This absence of governance has fostered an environment where “hafta” (extortion money) is a daily norm.

Traditional livelihoods are under severe threat. Unlike other regions, Mormugao lacks fishing jetties, further crippling the local fishing industry. Trawler owners have reported a lack of subsidies, making it increasingly difficult to sustain their businesses. Additionally, local transporters have been replaced by outsiders, allegedly to facilitate extortion.


The rise in gambling activities has tarnished the BJP’s image, with locals now referring to it as the “Bharatiya Gambling Party” (BGP). This shift indicates a bleak future for the next generation in Mormugao.

Addressing the media, Vijay Sardesai pledged to bring these issues to the forefront in the next assembly session. “The people of Mormugao demand justice and a return to proper governance,” Sardesai stated.

As the community’s cry for change grows louder, all eyes will be on the upcoming assembly session to see if their grievances will be addressed and rectified.


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