When Dr Shekhar Salkar broke down during media interaction


Margao: Goa’s veteran surgeon Dr Shekhar Salkar has been on the forefront of advocating people to maintain social distancing and take precautions during COVID-19.

Known for his witty style of responding to questions, Salkar broke down during the media interaction organised by Indian Medical Association.

Recalling how he could not even hug his daughter when she left for Delhi for further studies due to stringent COVID-19 norms that he and his family follows, Salkar choked to tears.

He recalled how when his daughter arrived from Mumbai, he along with his doctor wife, went into self quarantine before she was tested negative for covid-19 infection.

Then, she had to leave to Delhi for further studies, but doctor, who is strict with his ideologies and medical practices, could not hug her before she left.

The father could not withhold his tears as he narrated this incident during IMA event.


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