What does India’s first domestic cruise liner ‘Angriya’ has to do with Maratha Navy Admiral? 


Vasco: “Sarkhel (Admiral) Kanhoji Angre or Conaji Angria (1669-1729). He was the frist Admiral of the Maratha Navy and was popularly known as Shivaji of the Indian Ocean. Kanhoji Angre entered the battlefield at the age of 13 and never lost a single battle. His name struck terror in the hearts of all European trading companies that were active in 17th and 18th centuries. Despite attempts of the British and Portuguese to subdue Sarkhel Kanhoji, he remained undefeated, maintaining complete dominance of the Marathas over the Arabian Sea. His enemies thus labeled him a pirate. He died in 1729 and his Samadhi is at Alibaug in Maharashtra. Our ship is named ‘Angriya’ as a tribute to this brave legend.”

What makes India’s first domestic cruiseliner ‘Angriya’ adorable is not just the facilities that are offered to the guests, but the inspirational story behind its name. Just opposite the reception is a larger than life painting of Kanhoji Angre, from whom the name ‘Angriya’ has been derived from. And like the brave Maratha Admiral, the ship too has been braving all weathers in the Sea to provide one of the most luxurious experiences to the visitors.

From Reception to Decks, the experience is mesmerizing

The cruise liner can accommodate 350 passengers while cruising and 800 guests when anchored. It travels between Mumbai-Goa-Mumbai. Every detailing inside the ship has been done keeping in mind the requirement of the most luxurious cruising. Right from dormitories with common washroom for the solo travelers to couple and buddy rooms, there is space for everyone’s requirement on-board.

Infinity swimming pool on the deck

While two restaurants and six lounges across the ship, the guests can also relax in the infinity pool located on the deck. One can have direct view of the ocean while swimming in the pool, an opportunity that one doesn’t get in normal five-star swimming pools.

Party on the deck

The monkey deck is a perfect place for the party revelers on the ship. When party is not happening, one can enjoy Sunrise or Sunset sitting on this deck. The cruise liner also has a disco.

Watch Sunset from the decks of the cruise liner

The Sunset view by the deck is something no traveler would ever miss. As the Sun dips in the huge ocean, the life on cruise liner continues with the music parties with the DJs playing the music that keeps the guests wanting more.


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