We have managed Goa Church, claims WB based party strategist


Panaji: As the environment for the upcoming Goa election is heating up, a leading political party from West Bengal is apparently a recent party to try to make its inroad in the coastal state.


While the party’s strategists are already in the state grasping the ground, one of the member of this group has claimed that they have managed to manage influential Goa Church and also the media.


We have access to one of the phone call made by strategist to an aspirant candidate offering him to join the party.


Here’s the transcribe of what transpired during the call. We have also embedded the audio clip, which clearly makes the claim of managing the Church.


Political Leader : Hello Kaun




Political Consultant: This is Jayesh ..


can we continue our discussion please .


Political Consultant: haan .. Jayesh








Political Leader : Jayesh haan .. haan ..


Political Consultant: Is this the good time to talk




Political Leader : Yeah tell tell ..




Political Consultant:Just wanted you to know that we are going to contest upcoming Goa election we are highly equipped and strategic






Political Leader : Contesting with whom re.. with our party Congress party..






Political Consultant:No no sir not with Congress party sir …




Political Leader : Then..




This time we are contesting with the ### here .. we are supporting the ### campaign ..


Political Leader : ### (Names the party) … ### is not in Goa man …




Political Consultant:Sir you know..


Political Leader : ### is not in Goa




Political Consultant:We have won West Bengal election with huge margin




Political Leader : Yeah but West Bengal is TMC but here nobody knows full form of ### man




Political Consultant:Yes sir but we have a track record of contesting election on such a short notice …


Because we have a backing of so many influential people even in the Goa …even in the Goa we have able to already manage




Political Leader : No no no ### nobody see there are many parties over here let me tell you . I think


You must be knowing .. I will tell you .There are many parties over here so many party are there


MGP is there Goa Forward , the Aam Aadmi party is also now come last 5-6 years ..So many many parties are there ..ok .. you can not come here ..and telling me in three month you going to ..### going to fight a election.. What you are talking man




Political Consultant: Yes sir I do understand there are many parties in Goa and everyone has there vote share


Political Leader : Forgot about small parties …I .. Congress party ….We have .All Catholic vote is for congress party ,Public know they are all voting for the congress party without seeing who is … ok .. Catholic people are all voting for Congress party ok..so like that everybody BJP also have some Hindu voter and MGP also have …everybody have ### can not just come and try to say they will win the election in four months


What are talking man




Political Consultant:No sir this time the situation is bit different you know that..


Political Leader :What is different man ..What is different




Political Consultant:Listen to me ..I will just try to explain you that…you know Catholic voted Congress last time and what happed most of the ….Most of the Congress MLA …


Political Leader : Ok ok


Political Consultant: Now Catholic don’t trust congress at all




Political Leader :Ok ..ok …But little less people will vote ..ok


But my grand father , my father .. I am voting all people for Congress party…We don’t care we just put .. we just put on Punja






Political Consultant:Sir we have done the ground survey and our ground reports are saying that this time Catholics are not going to vote for ..






Political Leader :Na na survey ..see survey and all know they are all does not work in Goa re ..


You remember that Nehru also he said “Goa ka ajeeb log hai “ you know .. so it is … Goa is very different re .. you are not from Goa you don’t know about Goa ..I will tell you .. you ..I will tell you .. listen to me . Survey and all don’t work


Political Consultant: Yes sir


Political Leader Catholic people will vote for Congress only.. nobody else




Political Consultant: Listen to me sir just wanted to mention that .. ahh… Catholic Church have already been managed ..we have been managed to Church ..


Political Leader :Catholic Church is


Political Consultant: Yes in Goa


Political Leader :Nonsense …You are talking nonsense naa ..How you are margin the Catholic Churches. What you think they are some schools that you are managing it


Political Consultant: Listen sir …This is not been first time we are doing it We have been doing it in many elections .you know in the West Bengal have been successfully able to manage …Most of the minority institutions






Political Leader :No. .. no… West Bengal .. you don’t …See Don’t tell me about West Bengal .West Bengal is vey different from Goa


Political Consultant: Yes sir I understand


Political Leader :Goa is very different .. you don’t know anything about Goa and Goa people .they are very different




Political Consultant:Sir listen to me ,


Political Leader :What ..what listen to you man what ..what talking man ..I thought you will talk some sense so I thought I will talk to you




Political Consultant:Yeah ..




Political Leader :How you will mange the Church man




Political Consultant:Sir.. We have been able to do it .We are not going to to do it for the first time …you know how minority voted one sided in West Bengal


You know how we have defeated BJP




Political Leader :Again I man sayingWest Bengal is very different ok .. West Bengal and all is very different … Goa is very different you don’t know .. you don’t know about these Goa people




Political Consultant: Sir it not about the …


Political Leader :How you will mange the Church man


Political Consultant:Sir …Its not just about managing the Church , we have support from the media as well .


Political Leader :I know know media you talking because #### only called me that that ##### he called me … but media also I am telling you media also I am telling you …


Media people today they are with you, tomorrow they are with me day after tomorrow they are with somebody .. ok !.. They are taking money whoever give more money they will go there .. they will not ..they will not be with you …And Goa media is Goa media they are not like National media … they are Goa media’s


Political Consultant:Yes sir …


But we have managed them and they and they are going to support us till this election. We have all ready spoken to then you know very well #### and ####. Sir we have managed media quite well and they are going to support us this time in the Goa assembly elections




Political Leader :Support you in what




Political Consultant:Sir ..You know how media works.. how media support can make a big difference




Political Leader :That is ok ..But that …Listen listen ..listen to me this..this church is Church is again you don’t say ..And you are just talking .. this nonsense is think aaah ..Media ok but I am tell you the reality about media , One day they are here tomorrow there are somewhere else


You can not do …






Political Consultant:Sir I can not explain you every thing over phone I think.. may be .. it will be great if you can spend some time with us.. give me some time …


Political Leader :No what to spend time for you what to spend time for you


#### told me to meet you sorry talk to you so I’m taking.But know.. ah …this….




Political Consultant:Sir give us time I will bring my bosses


Political Leader :No sense


Political Consultant:And they will be able to give you the complete picture sir




Political Leader :Whatnot complete picture


Political Consultant:Sir if you..


Political Leader :They will be telling me how thane are managing the Church and the media




Political Consultant:Sir allow us to meet once I will request you to give your time so we can meet ..


Political Leader :Acha I will think about it I will think about it I will Talk to that people also and I will think about it … next time you tell bosses only to call.. why you are calling .. you tell your boss only to call know




Political Consultant:Sure sir




Political Leader :Know your telling me you will call then boss will call .. first of all I don’t think you know what you are telling ..


Political Consultant:I will ask them to call.. we are calling everyone so I will ask them to call you and setup a meeting with you so ..


Political Leader :Ok ok I will see




Political Consultant:Thanks for your time




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