Watch how two youth were ruthlessly set on fire and left to die at Balli


Rupesh Samant

Balli: Almost 13 years back during Tribal agitation at Balli, two youths — Manguesh and Dilip — were burnt to death by a mob while four others managed to get to safety. Their fault was that they were asking for the rights which has been enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

GNH has been travelling length and breadth of the state as a part of its series #hubexpress Judgment2024 sponsored by Panchamruta and travel partners Counto Honda. We went to relive the horrifying memories of Balli agitation of 2011, when Digambar Kamat was the chief minister. Congress was ruling then.

We met Prakash Velip, a tribal leader, who has been the eye witness to the day when two buildings were set on fire. A godown of cashew nuts was on fire while a mob literally killed two youth.

Velip narrates the incident and took us around to show the exact places where the mass murders happened.

Watch this special episode anchored by our Editor-in-Chief Rupesh Samant

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