Waive off 50% college fees for all the courses in Goa : NSUI

Panaji : National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) President Naushad Chowdhari has criticised CM Pramod Sawant for not extending the benefit of 50% waiver of fees for all colleges and courses. “From August 2020 to August 2021

It took 1 year for the CM to take the decision of waiving 50% of college fees,” he stated.

“This shows that CM Pramod Sawant has failed in his duty as Education Minister.It took him 1 year to take a decision for the problems faced by the students across Goa.CM Pramod Sawant should resign as CM as he has failed to be proactive and to solve the issues  faced by the students in Goa,” said Naushad .

NSUI Goa has demanded that students who have already paid the full fees for the academic year 2020-21 should get a refund. “minimum 50% of the fees should be refunded as student’s have taken loans from banks , borrowed money from relatives and friends,” said Naushad.

“After 1 year of keeping our demands in abeyance, CM Sawant has taken decision for the colleges which comes under Directorate of Higher Education “DHE” , But what about professional colleges which comes under Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) like engineering, as well as, architecture, pharmacy, medical , dental, nursing , Ayurvedic , homeopathic, hotel Management, diploma , polytechnic?,” asked Naushad.
Naushad stated that NSUI Goa tried every possible way to solve this issue ” we wrote letters to CM , Governor. “We protested, did a social media campaign and hunger strike but this Govt didn’t take decisions in the interest of Students. NSUI had an appointment with His excellency governor of Goa, Satya Pal Malik but due to his subsequent transfer we could not meet him to discuss our issue,” Informed Naushad.

“Why didn’t Pramod Sawant take a uniform decision of waiving off 50% college fees for all the courses  of all the colleges ?,” he said.

NSUI has alleged that CM is not serious about the fees issue faced by the students across Goa

“Students under DTE for example engineering students have to pay 70k+ per semester which is a  huge amount and there is no assistance for this section of students from the Govt,” Alleged Naushad .

NSUI has condemned the action of CM for not including professional courses students under DTE for waiving off 50% fee of their college.

NSUI Goa has demanded from the CM to  waive off 50% college fees of professional colleges under DTE.

“Remaining 50% of the college fees should be collected  in instalment method.  NSUI Goa will be forced to come on the street if students’ demands are not met,” warned Naushad.


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