Two year of Sawant: Digambar Kamat offers gift in the form of Goa Lokayukta Bill, 2021

Panaji – As Dr. Pramod Sawant steps in the third year as Chief Minister of Goa, I take this opportunity to present a Gift of  “The Goa Lokayukta Bill 2021” to Government of Goa which will empower the Goa Lokayukta with Dignity and Authority to eradicate Corruption and stop Illegalities. I hope the BJP Government will pass the bill in the coming Assembly Session stated Leader of Opposition Digambar Kamat.
The Legacy of High Handedness, Dictatorship and Mismanagement have continued in the BJP regime. The insensitive approach of the BJP Government has resulted in gross irregularities and mass corruption in the State of Goa. This Government has a rare honour of getting “Certificate of Corruption” from Goa Lokayukta in almost 21 cases stated Digambar Kamat.

BJP Government in Goa time and again displayed their insensitive approach towards the Common Man and Marginalised Sector. People of Goa were made to run from pillar to post even to get essential commodities when videos of BJP Ministers hoarding stocks of essential commodities surfaced on the Social Media during Covid Pandemic. The Government failed to take timely preventive actions to control spread of Corona Virus in Goa which resulted in death of many people including a Former Health Minister, Former MLA, Councillor and others. The delay in commissioning of South Goa District Hospital also resulted in causing lot of inconvenience to the Covid Patients and their relatives Digambar Kamat said.

The insensitive BJP Government with its Agenda to hand over Goa to “Crony Club” also tried to suppress the voice of the people on issues like Mhadei, Three Linear Projects, Railway Double Tracking, Coastal Zone Management Plan, Nauxi Marina Project, IIT at Shel Melauli and other issues.

After grabbing power from the back door, the BJP Government tried to destroy each and every Independent Institution. The Lokayukta Act was diluted to make the Statutory Body toothless. The Government adopted all undemocratic methods to win power with Chicanery in Zilla Panchayat Elections, Municipal Elections etc. The Government did not appoint Chairman and other members on various bodies like Police Complaint Authority etc.

This Government which is actually run by a “Super Power” has contradicted its own Chief Minister on many occasions and even before the High Court. In its third year now, the BJP Government wants to demolish the precedence of respecting the Model Election Code of Conduct by passing the Budget in the coming Assembly Session when the Municipal Election Code will be in force in Goa stated Digambar Kamat.

I hope that the Better Sense will prevail and the Government will pass the Lokayukta Bill 2021 tabled by me in the forthcoming Assembly Session. The new Bill converted into an Act will make the Goa Lokayukta stronger.


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