Trouble mounts further for Congress candidate Capt Viriato Fernandes


Panaji: In what add to the woes of Congress candidate Capt Viriato Fernandes over the viral audio clips, social activist Malcom Pereira has vowed on five Holy Crosses, as promised, to prove that the voice in the audio was that of Viriato.

The audio clip of Viriato accusing Goa Foundation Director Claud Alvares of acting on behalf of mine owners had gone viral. Viriato had said that the audio was morphed while congress had said that it was produced with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Pereira in a video released here was seen going to five Holy Crosses of utmost faith and swearing that it was the voice of Capt Viriato.

Malcom has also stated that he has been receiving threat calls.

The social activist has said in the video clip that he had given 36 hours for Viriato.

“He has not made any statement after my video.. this shows how Viriato Fernandes is a lier… during 36 hours, I was threatened. Some women also called me and threatened. I did not say whom I will vote. I am not afraid of these threats,” he said.

Malcom has said “I want Capt Viriato to tell me. If he knew that Claud Alvares are fooling the people why he did not tell the mining dependents. There are so many people who are in trouble due to mining closure.”


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